How the Law Works

Slapper, Gary (2007). How the Law Works. London: Collins.



A clear, accessible and irreverent guide to how the UK's legal machine works. Traditionally, the Law has been shrouded in mystery, and to most of us, it seems impenetrable and hugely complicated. But in today's world, our need to understand it is rapidly growing. Existing book are either dry, academic, aimed solely at student readerships, esoteric in style, or argumentative for this or that change in the law. How the Law Works is different. It offers clear, critical and intelligent coverage to enable us to make sense of those things that matter most to us in our day-to-day life, and which are discussed in current affairs. Anyone who wants to know about Law or who has come up against the legal system in one way or another needs this book. Contents include: / Why we need law / Where the legal system came from / Judges / Lawyers / Criminal Law / Juries / Punishment / Civil Law / Compensation Culture / Case Law / Parliament / Human Rights Law.

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