Behavioural dimensions of participation: Envisioning institutional sustainable development

Powles, Anna; Morse, Stephen and Bell, Simon (2009). Behavioural dimensions of participation: Envisioning institutional sustainable development. In: International Sustainable Development Research Conference, 5-8 Jul 2009, Utrecht, Netherlands.



The power of institutional cohesion is often underestimated. When stakeholder's come together to collaboratively take action a new type of organisational sustainability may arise. From a group of individuals there can emerge a functioning team with a strong dynamic that enables them to take action to facilitate Sustainable Development objectives.

This paper explores the way that the group dynamics of institutional engagement provides a backdrop from which new concepts of participation may be investigated and where practices consistent with Sustainable Development could unfold.

The effectiveness of participation is explicitly dependent upon a number of implicit factors which form group dynamics. If group dynamics are ineffectual, it is unlikely that stakeholders will be able to effectively participate in attaining sustainable development objectives. Thus the key to attaining organizational sustainability lies through a strong group dynamic which allows participation of stakeholders to take place.

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