Sustainability Indicators: Measuring the immeasurable (2nd ed)

Bell, Simon and Morse, Stephen (2008). Sustainability Indicators: Measuring the immeasurable (2nd ed). London: Earthscan.



The groundbreaking first edition of Sustainability Indicators reviewed the development and value of sustainability indicators and discussed the advantage of taking a holistic and qualitative approach rather than focusing on strictly quantitative measures. In the new edition the authors bring the literature up to date and show that the basic requirement for a systemic approach is now well grounded in the evidence. They examine the origins and development of the Systemic Sustainability Analysis (SSA), which has been developed in practice in a number of countries on an array of projects since the first edition. They also look at how SSA has evolved into Systemic Prospective Sustainability Analysis (SPSA) and now into IMAGINE, and they provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of projects that undertake work in the general field of sustainable development, and, in particular, how a wide range of participatory methodologies have been adopted over the years.

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