Globalization in India: Contents and Discontents

Gupta, Suman; Basu, Tapan and Chattarji, Subarno eds. (2009). Globalization in India: Contents and Discontents. Delhi: Pearson Education.



Globalization in India: Contents and Discontents reviews the importance of the term ‘globalization’ through an examination of the social, political, economic and cultural contexts in which globalization exists and influences our everyday lives. With the economics of globalization at the core, the essays chart the contents and discontents of globalization in India.
Salient Features:
>>The consequences of a twenty-five-year old industrial disaster
>>The role of information technology in Indian education
>>The fractures and possibilities inherent in North East India
>>The contradictory objectives of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad
>>The survival strategies and role of women in the fish processing industry
>>The politics of gender in cinema and literature
>>The debate on economic migration and the politics surrounding it
>>The representation of global issues on local media and its result

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