CIM Companion: introductory certificate in marketing

Hill, E. and O'Sullivan, Terry (2004). CIM Companion: introductory certificate in marketing. UK: Chartered Institute of Marketing, p. 264.



Table of Contents
Study Guide
Key Skills
Session 1 What is marketing and why is it important to plan?
Session 2 Responding to the micro- and macro-environment
Session 3 Gathering secondary data
Session 4 Research Techniques
Session 5 Consumer Behaviour - how do people buy?
Session 6 Target Marketing - how do we find customers?
Session 7 Product - what's on offer?
Session 8 Price - the value that customers exchange for benefits
Session 9 Place - making products and services available to customers
Session 10 Promotion - getting the message across
Session 11 Marketing in context - Services
Session 12 Marketing in context - Not-for-profit, International and Industrial (Organisational) Marketing
Appendix 1 The CIM Introductory Certificate Syllabus
Appendix 2 The CIM Introductory Certificate Assignment
Appendix 3 Answers to multiple-choice questions
Appendix 4 Syllabus detail

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