Child Sex Tourism: Is extra-territorial legislation the answer?

Montgomery, Heather (2010). Child Sex Tourism: Is extra-territorial legislation the answer? In: Botterill, David and Jones, Trevor eds. Tourism and Crime: Key Themes. Oxford, U.K.: Goodfellow Publishing.



About the book:
Recent years have seen growing media and political attention to the issue of tourism and crime in a number of countries. The high profile cases of the Madeleine McCann abduction and the murder of Meredith Kercher have received huge media attention in the UK, and raised concerns about crimes against tourists. At the same time, issues such as drugs tourism, sex tourism and alcohol-related crime and disorder among holidaymakers, have highlighted crimes and rule-breaking more generally committed by tourists. To date, however, this tourism-crime nexus has received little scholarly attention. Tourism and Crime: key themes is the first book to address this gap. It provides a critical examination of a range of topics, including criminal offending against tourists, tourists as offenders, and policy-responses to tourist crime. It focuses on a number of subjects including tourism and property crime, the tourist as victim, the 'naming and shaming' of specific 'danger travel spots', the governance of safety in 'stateless' spaces, cooperation between justice authorities in different jurisdictions, drugs tourism, plus a range of other relevant issues.

With contributions from an international team of highly respected authors and researchers, Tourism and Crime: key themes brings together concepts, ideas and empirical evidence from two distinct fields of research enquiry - criminology and tourism studies - and maps out a cross-disciplinary research agenda for scholars and policy-makers in this area.

In this chapter the following topics are considered:
Child sex tourism
Extra-territorial legislation
Obstacles to enforcement
The role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the media
Children’s own accounts of child prostitution.

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