Proceedings of SIG market segmentation research seminar

Sausen, Karsten and Dibb, Sally eds. (2005). Proceedings of SIG market segmentation research seminar. St.Gallen, Switzerland: Thexis.



Table of contents:
The Market Segmentation SIG Objectives
Sausen, Karsten; Dibb, Sally: Editorial. Dibb, Sally: A Research Agenda for Market Segmentation. Sausen, Karsten: Resources and Capabilities for Market Segmentation. Wirth, Norbert: Scale Usage Effects in Latent Class Models. Tonks, David G.: Identifying Market Segments in Consumer Markets: Variable Selection and Data Interpretation. Tapp, Alan: Social Change – New Dimensions For New Mosaic? Dacko, Scott G.: Chronographic Segmentation: Definition and Research Agenda. Lindridge, Andrew: Segmentation and Ethnic Minorities: A Case of "Never the twain shall meet?". Misiura, Shashi: Segmentation of Heritage Consumer Market. Arnott, David C.: The Red Queen: On Positioning in Dynamic Markets.
Simkin, Lyndon: From Sectorisation to Segmentation in Six Simple Steps. Wirth, Norbert; Bendzko, Anette: The Segmentation Process: Three Initial Core Questions
Fifield, Paul: Problems in the Practical Application of Market Segmentation Solutions in B2B Organisations.
Wensley, Robin: What Really is Segmentation: Theory, Practice or Technology?

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