Framing creativity in primary classrooms

Jeffrey, Bob (1997). Framing creativity in primary classrooms. In: Craft, Anna; Dugal, Jana; Dyer, Gordon; Jeffrey, Bob and Lyons, Tom eds. Can you Teach Creativity. Nottingham: Education Now, pp. 58–68.


School based activity, involving participative observation and inquiry can help in discovering, creating and supporting creative teaching.

In this chapter, I argue that creative practices have not only been marginalised by the current educational emphasis on the bureaucratic aspects of teaching and learning but that they have also been made invisible by teachers' isolated practices, and their lack of interpretive frame, or perspectives, to appreciate each other's creativity. I suggest that there are opportunities within new supervisory, collaborative, mentoring and professional development practices for teachers to recover the acknowledgement of their artistry. Through the case study of a recent research project in which I was involved, I introduce a model of collaborative professional development in which teachers support one another in reflecting back, reflecting on and developing their classroom practice.

I suggest four interpretive frames on practice, which emerged through this project, and explore conversational stategies which formed part of the enquiry, with the intention that other teachers may find these useful. Though drawn from research in primary schools it is hoped that teachers across the 3-13 age range will find it of relevance.

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