Cost-benefit analysis of curriculum design for medicine

Gale, Rodney and Grant, Janet (2010). Cost-benefit analysis of curriculum design for medicine. In: Walsh, Kieran ed. Cost Effectivness In Medical Education. Abingdon, U.K.: Radcliffe Publishing, pp. 81–93.



Deciding on the wisdom of investing in a potential project has always required a little more than guesswork, and there are several related economic methods that have been developed to try to measure the benefit of a potential new project or new venture. Cost-benefit analysis is one such method, and it relies on it being possible to ascribe a precise monetary value to the various changes that would be wrought were the project to go ahead. It also requires the venture to be viewed as a project with reasonably well-defined boundaries; otherwise, the estimation of benefits and costs becomes much less precise because of intervening effects. Developing or modifying a curriculum could be viewed as a project, and it will have effects beyond its own boundaries.

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