The QLR 'workbook': A recursive approach to data generation

Hadfield, Lucy; Kehily, Mary Jane; Sharpe, Sue and Thomson, Rachel (2010). The QLR 'workbook': A recursive approach to data generation. In: Timescapes 2010: The craft of qualitative longitudinal research, 20 Jan 2010, Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.



The task of generating data is generally seen as being distinct from the task of interpreting, representing and sharing data. However, in QLR the lack of closure of the analytic project alongside the demand to revisit research participants offers the potential for a recursive approach where communicating interpretations and generating data become entangled. In this presentation we explain how we developed a ‘workbook’ for our fourth encounter with mothers, bringing together quotations from previous interviews under broad headings in order to generate new discussion. The workbook not only invited participants to reflect explicitly on temporal processes but also communicated to them the emergent analytic narratives which guided our choice of extracts. Our strategy builds on lessons learned in the Inventing Adulthoods study where researchers experimented with ways of sharing with participants the ‘extraordinary perspective’ afforded by QLR. In this presentation we present an example of one of the workbooks, the contemporaneous responses of the researcher and the interviewee involved, and the data generated.

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