The development of cognition, moral reasoning and language

Sheehy, Kieron (2000). The development of cognition, moral reasoning and language. In: Gupta, R. M. and Gupta, D. eds. Psychology for Psychiatrists. London: Whurr Publishing Ltd, pp. 79–103.



About the book: One of the strengths of this book is that each chapter is written by a prominent specialist in their field. They particularly highlight points of clinical relevance and come from both academic and clinical psychology backgrounds. Many have worked with psychiatrists or have been involved in teaching psychology to psychiatrists in training. Contents Part One Basic Psychology Behaviourism and Learning Theory Sensation and Perception Information Processing and Attention Remembering and Forgetting The Development of Cognition, Moral Reasoning and Language Understanding the Psychology of Personality Motivation Stress and Emotion: Physiology, Cognition and Health Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Sleep, Sleep Deprivation, Sleepiness, Circadian Rhythms, Sleep Neurophysiology, Sleep Disorders and Dreaming Neuro-psychology: Studying Behaviour following Brain Damage Intelligence and its Measurement Some Empirical Approaches to Individual Differences Part Two Human Development Human Development The Development of Sociability and Fears Psychological Aspects of Adolescence and the Development of Identities Psychological Development in Adult LIfe Normal Ageing Part Three Social Psychology

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