Towards a Theory of Practice: Critical Transdisciplinary Multiliteracies

Albright, James J.; Walsh, Christopher S. and Purohit, Kiran D. (2009). Towards a Theory of Practice: Critical Transdisciplinary Multiliteracies. In: McInerney, Dennis M.; Van Etten, Shawn and Dowson, Martin eds. Standards In Education. Research on Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning. Information Age Publishers, pp. 93–116.



About the book: Education institutions and organizations throughout the world are currently being held accountable for achieving and maintaining historically unmatched standards of academic quality and performance. Accreditation bodies; policy makers; boards of trustees; and teacher, parent, and student groups all place educational institutions and organizations under unprecedented accountability pressures. The aim of this volume is to explore and better understand how these pressures are impacting a broad range of social and cultural issues and, subsequently, how these issues impact student motivation and learning

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