Initiating organizational memories using ontology network analysis

Kalfoglou, Yannis; Alani, Harith; O'Hara, Kieron and Shadbolt, Nigel (2002). Initiating organizational memories using ontology network analysis. In: ECAI 2002 Workshop on Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories, 21-26 Jul 2002, Lyon, France.



One of the important problems in organizational memories is their initial set-up. It is difficult to choose the right information to include in an organizational memory, and the right information is also a prerequisite for maximizing the uptake and relevance of the memory content. To tackle this problem, most developers adopt heavy-weight solutions and rely on a faithful continuous interaction with users to create and improve its content. In this paper, we explore the use of an automatic, light-weight solution, drawn from the underlying ingredients of an organizational memory: ontologies. We have developed an ontology-based network analysis method which we applied to tackle the problem of identifying communities of practice in an organization. We use ontology-based network analysis as a means to provide content automatically for the initial set up of an organizational memory.

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