Automatic extraction of knowledge from web documents

Alani, Harith; Kim, Sanghee; Millard, David E.; Weal, Mark J.; Lewis, Paul H.; Hall, Wendy and Shadbolt, Nigel R. (2003). Automatic extraction of knowledge from web documents. In: 2nd International Semantic Web Conference - Workshop on Human Language Technology for the Semantic Web and Web Services, 20-23 Oct 2003, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA.



A large amount of digital information available is written as text documents in the form of web pages, reports, papers, emails, etc. Extracting the knowledge of interest from such documents from multiple sources in a timely fashion is therefore crucial. This paper provides an update on the Artequakt system which uses natural language tools to automatically extract knowledge about artists from multiple documents based on a predefined ontology. The ontology represents the type and form of knowledge to extract. This knowledge is then used to generate tailored biographies. The information extraction process of Artequakt is detailed and evaluated in this paper.

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