The Semantic Web as a Semantic Soup

Cox, Simon; Alani, Harith; Glaser, Hugh and Harris, Stephen (2004). The Semantic Web as a Semantic Soup. In: 1st Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking and the Semantic Web, 1-2 Sep 2004, Galway, Ireland.



The Semantic Web is currently best known for adding metadata to web pages to allow computers to 'understand' what they contain. This idea has been applied to people by the Friend of a Friend project which builds up a network of who people know through their descriptions placed on web pages in RDF. It is here proposed to use RDF to describe a person and to have their RDF document follow them around the Internet. The proposed technique, dubbed Semantic Cookies, will be implemented by storing a user's RDF in a cookie on their own computer through the browser. This paper considers the concept of Semantic Cookies and investigates how far existing technology can be pushed to accommodate the idea.

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