Searching and ranking ontologies on the Semantic Web

Thomas, Edward; Alani, Harith; Sleeman, Derek and Brewster, Christopher (2005). Searching and ranking ontologies on the Semantic Web. In: Workshop on Ontology Management: Searching, Selection, Ranking, and Segmentation. 3rd K-CAP 2005, 2 Oct 2005, Banff, Canada, pp. 57–60.



The number of ontologies available online is increasing constantly. Tools that are capable of searching, retrieving, and ranking ontologies are becoming crucial to facilitate ontology search and reuse. In this document, we describe OntoSearch, which is a tool for capturing and searching ontologies on the Semantic web. We also briefly describe AKTiveRank which is used to rank OWL ontologies based on certain ontology-structure analysis..

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