Metrics for ranking ontologies

Alani, Harith and Brewster, Christopher (2006). Metrics for ranking ontologies. In: Evaluating Ontologies for the Web Workshop (EON2006), 15th International World Wide Web Conference, 23-26 May 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland.



Representing knowledge using domain ontologies has shown to be a useful mechanism and format for managing and exchanging information. Due to the difficulty and cost of building ontologies, a number of ontology libraries and search engines are coming to existence to facilitate reusing such knowledge structures. The need for ontology ranking techniques is becoming crucial as the number of ontologies available for reuse is continuing to grow. In this paper we present AKTiveRank, a prototype system for ranking ontologies based on the analysis of their structures. We describe the metrics used in the ranking system and present an experiment on ranking ontologies returned by a popular search engine for an example query.

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