Interweaving academic and professional power in higher education

Bell, L. and Birch, M. (2007). Interweaving academic and professional power in higher education. In: Gillies, Val and Lucey, Helen eds. Power knowledge and the academy; the institution is political. UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 70–87.



About the book: Power is everywhere. But what is it and how does it infuse personal and institutional relationships in higher education? Power, Knowledge and the Academy: The Institutional is Political takes a close-up and critical look at both the elusive and blatant workings and consequences of power in a range of everyday sites in universities. Authors work with multi-layered conceptions of power to disturb the idea of the academy as a haven of detached reason and instead reveal the ways in which power shapes personal and institutional relationships, the production of knowledge and the construction of academic careers. Chapters focus on , among other areas, student-supervisor relationships, personal PhD journeys, power in research teams, networking, the Research Assessment Exercise in the UK, and the power to construct knowledge in literature reviews.

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