Online learning to support practice development

Messenger, Julie (2009). Online learning to support practice development. In: RCN Joint Education Forums’ 2nd International Conference and Exhibition, 11 Jun 2009, Glasgow.


At a time of clear governance framework reporting, education needs to demonstrate ways in which learning can influence and change the practice of individuals and organisations. For many, traditional models of learning are difficult to support, with practitioners and organisations looking for increased flexibility and access to education.

The Open University is well situated to respond to this agenda; with a history dating back 40 years of providing quality supported open learning at a distance. The digital age has seen on-going investment in online learning contributing to course (module) structures across the university.

K316 - Exploring Practice is a course developed entirely for the online learner and has been designed to attract a wide audience of health and social care practitioners. The ultimate intention of K316 is to enable practitioners to interrogate their practice and the practice of others. The student is the instigator of learning and through negotiation, is able to bring to the learning situation their skills and knowledge aided by a skills audit inventory which covers the areas of learning necessary to prepare practitioners to effectively explore practice. This presentation will explore the skills areas developed through negotiated learning as well as demonstrate how an online learning experience can provide effective support and guidance from its tutors and other members of the learning community.

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