MoonLITE programmatic and technological update

Smith, A.; Crawford, I. A.; Barber, S. J.; Brown, P.; Church, P.; Gao, Y.; Gowen, R. A.; Griffiths, A.; Hagermann, A.; Joy, K.; Pike, W.T.; Phipps, A.; Proud, W. G.; Sheridan, S.; Sims, M. R.; Talboys, D. L. and Wells, N. (2009). MoonLITE programmatic and technological update. In: 40th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 23-27 Mar 2009, Houston, p. 1508.



MoonLITE is a proposed four penetrator lunar mission. Following a US/UK working group assessment, a science assessment and the first UK impact trials, a full mission-level phase A study has begun. A technological and programmatic update of the mission is given.

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