Competency based training in the UK

Banks, Frank (2009). Competency based training in the UK. In: Jones, Alister and de Vries, Marc eds. International Handbook of Research and Development in Technology Education. International technology Education Series (5). Rotterdam: Sense publishers, pp. 555–568.



Competence or Standards Based teacher education and training has been a feature of initial teacher assessment in all the nation states of the UK for at least fifteen years, and now underpins career-long professional development. This chapter analyses the assumptions implicit in such assessment regimes, explores the criticisms and considers the advantages of the different approaches to teacher standards in the different nations of the UK. The Design and Technology Association (DATA) uniquely among subject associations constructed subject-specific competences at the initial teacher education level to which all teacher education institutions in England subscribe. This gives a framework for student-teachers to analyse how they are progressing to meet what is considered fundamental professional knowledge for all technology teachers and what is specific to certain specialist teachers within the rather broad curriculum area that constitutes technology.

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