'Reframing the poverty debate' the New Labour way

Mooney, Gerry (2007). 'Reframing the poverty debate' the New Labour way. Variant, 29(Summer) pp. 11–13.

URL: http://www.variant.randomstate.org


"Poverty is back on the agenda, but back on it in particular and very worrying ways. ... how poverty is defined, understood and talked about says much about the shape and nature of any policy and political response to it." Here, Mooney draws "attention to some of the ways in which the question of poverty is being reconstructed by New Labour and an assortment of journalists, academics and social and political commentators today." And rather than a "neo-liberal vision of social justice premised on a celebration of the market" advances "an entirely different conception and understanding of social justice that argues for social and economic equality through an attack on wealth and vested interests."

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