Mooney, Gerry (2003). Poverty. In: Sweeney, Tony; Lewis, John and Etherington, Neil eds. Sociology and Scotland: An Introduction. Paisley: Unity Publications, pp. 177–199.

URL: http://unitypublications.com/


About the book:
A lively, informative and engaging introductory sociology text that will equip students on a wide range of further and higher education courses with the sociological skills required to analyse contemporary Scottish society. The text is unique in that it provides comprehensive coverage of basic sociological concepts, theories and studies with Scottish applications, where appropriate. The text will be of interest to anyone who has interest in the sociological aspects of contemporary Scottish society but is of particular relevance to students studying sociology at SCQF levels 7 and 8 i.e Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma Social Sciences, Advanced Higher Sociology, first year undergraduate and students on courses with sociology components such as HNC Social Care, Diploma in Higher Education, Certificate of Qualification in Social Work, BA Social Work and Youth and Community Studies. It will also be of use to practitioners such as community workers, social workers and nurses.

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