OpenLearn Research Report 2006-2008

McAndrew, P.; Santos, A.; Lane, A.; Godwin, S.; Okada, A.; Wilson, T.; Connolly, T.; Ferreira, G.; Buckingham Shum, S.; Bretts, J. and Webb, R. (2009). OpenLearn Research Report 2006-2008. The Open University, Milton Keynes, England.



This report takes the experience of OpenLearn over its two-years of operation to reflect on what it means to offer free resources and the issues that we have been able to explore and learn from. The structure of the document is:

(1) The OpenLearn initiative - an overview

(2) OpenLearn research methods

(3) Designing for Open Content

(4) Types of user of OpenLearn

(5) OpenLearn modes of use

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