Feminist methodologies: politics, practice and power

Madge, C.; Raghuram, P.; Skelton, T.; Willis, K. and Williams, J. (1997). Feminist methodologies: politics, practice and power. In: Women and Geography Study Group, (WGSG) ed. Feminist Geography: Explorations in Diversity and Difference. London, UK: Prentice Hall, pp. 86–111.

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About the book:
In recent years, the study of human geography has been reshaped by the work of feminist geographers, and as a result a considerable number of universities now include feminist geography and gender issues in their courses. This text provides an introduction to contemporary debates in feminist geography. These explorations in diversity and difference make up feminist geography in the 1990s. Feminist Geographies introduces key analytical concepts, examines the history of the subdiscipline, explores feminist geographers' methodologies and considers the various ways in which feminist geographers have worked with some of geography's key concepts; notably space, place, landscape and environment. The text also goes on to outline areas of future debates within the subject.

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