Re-Imagining the war on terror: seeing, waiting, travelling

Hill, Andrew (2008). Re-Imagining the war on terror: seeing, waiting, travelling. Shifting Securities series. Basingstoke: Palgrave.



Organised around the themes of seeing, waiting and travelling, this book presents an innovative reassessment of the War on Terror. Opening with the September 11 attacks and moving forward in time, each chapter focuses upon a different feature of this conflict, including: Bin Laden's video appearances, Afghanistan, the Iraq War, hostage videos, the awaiting of forthcoming attacks, the imagining of distant places, extraordinary rendition, the unseen and processes of commemoration. Ranging across disciplinary concerns, and taking Lacan's work as its principal theoretical point of reference, Re-Imagining the War on Terror draws upon a diversity of material (from media coverage, to cinema, photography and contemporary art), to uncover aspects of the War on Terror often ignored in assessments of the conflict. In so doing Re-Imagining the War on Terror offers a distinctive re-imagining of a conflict that has defined the opening of the 21st Century.

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