Student status and the question of choice in academic writing

Lillis, T. and Ramsey, M. (2005). Student status and the question of choice in academic writing. In: Herrington, Margaret and Kendall, Alex eds. Insights from Research and Practice: A Handbook for Adult Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL Practitioners. Leicester, UK: NIACE.



About the book:
"Insights From Research And Practice" draws together the key issues and debates that have emerged in the field of adult literacy, numeracy and ESOL over the past 20 years. Featuring a careful selection of articles from the "Research and Practice in Adult Literacy" (RaPAL) journal, this text offers a rich and authoritative mix of voices, critically examining theories, methods, policies and practices. The work is organised thematically, relating the key debates in areas such as assessment and accreditation, curriculum content and process, management of provision and the nature of literacy and numeracy. This book is essential reading for those who need to keep abreast of current policy issues, while those new to the field will find invaluable first-hand accounts from leading researchers and from practitioners wrestling with the challenges of tertiary education. As well as providing a link with the tradition of democratic practice in literacy and numeracy education, this book also looks forward, inviting practitioners to adopt a longitudinal approach to research in practice. Written by the teachers, managers, students and researchers who comprise the RAPAL network, "Insights From Research And Practice" is the indispensable guide to the live issues in current policy and practice.

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