Modeling the martian atmosphere with the LMD global climate model

Forget, F.; Millour, E.; Gonzalez-Galindo, F.; Lebonnois, S.; Madeleine, J-B.; Meslin, P-Y.; Montabone, L.; Spiga, A.; Hourdin, F.; Lefevre, F.; Montmessin, F.; Lewis, S. R.; Read, P.; Lopez-Valverde, M. A. and Gilli, G. (2008). Modeling the martian atmosphere with the LMD global climate model. In: Mars Atmosphere: Modeling and Observations pp. 1–4.



Introduction: For several years we have been developing a 3D Global Climate Model (GCM) for Mars derived from the models used on Earth for weather forecasting or climate changes studies [1]. The purpose of such a project is ambitious: we wish to build a 'Mars simulator' based only on physical equations, with no tailor-made forcing, but able to reproduce all the available observations of the Martian climate (temperatures, winds, but also clouds, dust, ices, chemical species, etc...).
The GCM is constantly evolving, thanks to a contnuous collaboration between several teams based in France (LMD, SA), the UK (The Open University, University of Oxford) and Spain (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia), and with the support of ESA and CNES.
We are currently working on an improved version of the model. Several new parametrisation are included in the heart of the model (radiative transfer, surface and subsurface processes, dynamics) and the applications of the GCM are in contnuous development (Water, dust, CO2, radon cycles, photochemistry, thermosphere, ionosphere, etc...)

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