Design aspects

McCormick, Robert (2007). Design aspects. In: de Vries, Marc; Custer, Rod; Dakers, John and Martin, Gene eds. Analyzing best practices in technology education. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers, pp. 169–177.



About the book: Inspired by a similar book in science education, the editors of this volume have put together a book with a practice-oriented approach towards technology education research. Teachers’ accounts of successful classroom activities are used as the basis for reflection on what determines ‘good’ technology education practice. Part I has eight stories told by teachers. Topics range from puppet making to electronics and biotechnology. The teachers were nominated by academic technology education experts. Part II has eleven essays by such experts in which they identify those elements in the teachers’ accounts that they consider to be justifications for calling that practice ‘good’. Focuses in these essays are: technological literacy, ethics, culture, design, stakeholders, attitudes, motivation, teaching approaches, social aspects, differentiation and assessment. For technology education the first book that is based on reflection on successful practice as an approach for developing research insights for this curricular domain.

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