Palaeosurfaces: Recognition, Reconstruction and Palaeoenvironmental Interpretation

Widdowson, M. ed. (1997). Palaeosurfaces: Recognition, Reconstruction and Palaeoenvironmental Interpretation. Special Publication, 120. London: Geological Society of London.



This Special Publication is a collection of papers which identifies, describes, and interprets the occurrence of palaeosurfaces in the geological record. The concept of a palaeosurface is one which is generally understood across the geomorphological and geological sciences but, according to discipline and application, often differs in the emphasis and detail of its interpretation. In order to encompass the widest range of contributions and views upon the subject of palaeosurfaces, a broad remit was deliberately adopted during the preparation of this volume.

Many working groups within the geological and geomorphological sciences share a common link through the Geological Society, and it is hoped that this volume will further illustrate the potential of cross-disciplinary study. Geology and geomorphology, though often approached by different research schools, are both expressions of complex Earth systems and as such can rarely be treated independently. Since the investigation of palaeosurfaces requires an understanding of both geomorphological and geological processes, their study is clearly a theme which demands this type of cross-disciplinary approach. Therefore, the aim of this volume is to bring together expertise from a variety of fields by researchers in both the geological and geomorphological disciplines who have adopted such a combined approach to palaeosurface research.

Contributions have been encouraged from the fields of geomorphology, geology, geochemistry, palynology and palaeoenvironmental studies. The papers include studies of geomorphological evolution, reconstruction of palaeolandscapes, lateritization and bauxitization, palaeo-karstification, sequence stratigraphy, geochemistry of rock alteration, the preservation of palaeosurface elements in terrains from glaciated to sub-tropical regions.

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