Classroom Interactions in Literacy

Bearne, Eve; Dombey, Henrietta and Grainger, Teresa (2003). Classroom Interactions in Literacy. Buckingham, UK: Open University Press.



This book examines some of the complexities and debates about language, literacy and learning, challenging current assumptions about shared understanding of pedagogical principles. It foregrounds social and cultural issues and the nature of interaction between children and teachers; children and children; children and texts of all kinds; and the significance of wider interactions within the teaching profession.

The contributors revitalise debate about the nature of professional knowledge, provide insights into the detail of classroom discourse and teacher interventions and examine the transformative possibilities of literacy. They argue for a more open and expansive agenda informed by an analytically constructive view of pedagogy and challenge the profession to move from restrictive certainties to the potent possibilities of development through uncertainty and risk.

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