Conclusions: Future Directions in Researching Mobile Learning

Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes (2009). Conclusions: Future Directions in Researching Mobile Learning. In: Vavoula, Giasemi; Pachler, Norbert and Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes eds. Researching Mobile Learning: Frameworks, tools and research designs. Oxford, UK: Peter Lang Verlag, pp. 353–365.



Mobile learning is in the process of developing its identity as a distinct field of research with particular concerns and challenges. What can researchers learn from neighbouring disciplines and how can they harness new techniques and technologies, to smooth the way for their research efforts? On the basis of an analysis of key messages and reflections from those conducting mobile learning research, the author proposes four generic principles that can guide future research in mobile learning. The chapter also points to new directions in mobile learning research within the broader research agenda of Technology Enhanced Learning. These indicative directions should be helpful to all involved in setting future agendas for mobile learning research and development.

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