Hearts, minds and screens: taming the future

Salmon, Gilly (2002). Hearts, minds and screens: taming the future. United States Distance Learning Association Journal, 16(5)

URL: http://www.usdla.org/html/journal/MAY02_Issue/arti...


Dr. Gilly Salmon provides a focus on the future of distance learning and interpets opportunities and realities for researchers, organizations, teachers and students. She sees content as king in the transmission model of teaching (Contenteous). Learning objects and dynamic information technologies enable us to customize e-learning (Instantia). Mobile learning devices facilitate anywhere-anytime learning (Nomadict), and learning communities and interaction extend access beyond the bounds of time and space (Cafélattia). Exploring each of these scenarios give us a better foundation for designing learning experiences and adapting them to specific learning needs of the individual student, teacher, and organization.

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