Psychological and group learning perspectives: their relevance to e-learning

Salmon, Gilly (2001). Psychological and group learning perspectives: their relevance to e-learning. In: E-learning, Feb 2001, London.



From the introduction:
Knowledge construction, transmission and learning have been studied throughout the centuries. Although new networked technologies are considered “transformational”, they are not enough in themselves to transform learning experiences. There are a number of important issues also to be considered. These are:
1. Working and learning online changes the learning environment and the student experience
2. Working and learning online dramatically changes the role of the trainer and facilitator
3. Organisational and management of learning has to change. Structures cannot simply be transferred from the classroom/print environment.
The critical question is not “what does technology do?” but “how can we cause learning to happen with the technology as a mediator?” This presentation focuses especially the importance of individual motivation, group interaction and participation, and new roles for online trainers, addressing items 1 and 2 above.

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