What next for strategic level leadership research?

Storey, John (2005). What next for strategic level leadership research? Leadership, 1(1) pp. 89–104.

URL: http://lea.sagepub.com/cgi/gca?allch=&SEARCHID=1&A...


This article focuses attention on executive level leadership. It identifies the central issues involved in the study of leadership at this level. It also constructs an agenda for future research for this echelon. Despite the massive growth in activity directed towards leadership development, little of this has been directed at the top level; instead most activity has been focused on junior and middle levels of organizational leadership. A distinction is drawn between ‘leadership in organizations’ and ‘leadership of organizations’. The former can be taken to refer to team leadership and the latter to overall leadership, which includes responsibility for setting the mission and designing the architecture of the organization. This article does not deny the importance of continued research in the former area, but it does argue that more attention needs to be directed towards the study of ‘organizational leadership’ - denoting in this usage executive leadership or strategy-level leadership. The central quest thus becomes to identify the critical issues which relate specifically or especially to leadership at this level. Three key interrelated themes are identified: structural/relational issues; functional issues; and legitimacy issues.

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