Managing leaders, knowledge and technology in UK small firms

Gray, Colin (2004). Managing leaders, knowledge and technology in UK small firms. In: Seebacher, U. and Klaus, G. eds. Handbuch Führungskräfte-Entwicklung: Theorie, Praxis und Fallstudien. Ottobrunn: USP Publishing International, pp. 447–458.



Soon European enterprises cannot occupy their Top management positions no more with internally trained new generation.
Debt at the misery is the personal and above all also the high-level personnel development in the enterprises. This is only one
the frightening results of a current study, which was accomplished by the European union. Before this background the available manual was conceived and developed. The manual contains a composition of scientific bases and concepts, in practice established innovative methods and instruments and explaining and/or supplementing case studies from international enterprises.

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