Towards a change process planning tool

Eger, T.; Eckert, C. M. and Clarkson, P. J. (2003). Towards a change process planning tool. In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED'03), 19-21 Aug 2003, Stockholm, Sweden.


The relationship between a product and its design process is generally complex and not fully understood. When modifying a product, industry still rarely considers the implementation process and its consequences for other design activities in the company, which is hard to assess with conventional planning methods. Although change processes are highly constrained, product and process constraints are not usually considered together or traded off against each other when planning the change. Inadequate assessment and planning of the change implementation process can lead to costly knock-on effects across the product and the design process. This paper argues for a combination of change and process research and discusses requirements for a change process planning tool. It proposes a system for the analysis of the impact of change on the product as well as other company activities. Then, a more informed selection between change alternatives is possible.

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