Becoming a manager: acting or reacting?

Reynolds, Jill (2003). Becoming a manager: acting or reacting? In: Seden, Janet and Reynolds, Jill eds. Managing Care in Practice. London: Routledge, pp. 3–32.



In Chapter 1 'Becoming a manager: acting or reacting?�, Reynolds looks at issues for people who are managing for the first time, and points to some key areas of development. The twin facets of managerial work are explored: acting – planning and shaping practice and services towards good outcomes for service users; – and reacting – dealing with unexpected events and responding to new directives. How can managers find a balance, so that they feel in control of their job rather than controlled by it? The suggestions include keeping a focus on the organisation's primary task, extending the areas of choice available, and turning intentions into obligations, all of which are looked at in turn. Good time management also helps managers to cope – although sometimes there may simply be too much to do.

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