Time visuals in history text books: some pedagogic issues

Coffin, Caroline and Derewianka, Beverly (2008). Time visuals in history text books: some pedagogic issues. In: Unsworth, Len ed. Multimodal semiotics: Functional analysis in contexts of education. UK: Continuum.

URL: http://www.continuumbooks.com/Books/detail.aspx?Re...


About the book: This volume presents an overview of new developments and applications of social semiotic theory. Pioneered by M.A.K. Halliday, social semiotic theory sees meaning as created through the interaction of texts (including writing, images, sound and space) within a given context. Divided into five sections, the contributors use social semiotic theory to analyse a range of contexts, including the classroom, the museum and cinema. The case studies show the range and scope of this method of analysis, and include: the school curriculum; literacy; print media; online resources; film; and advertising.

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