Everett, Robert and Boyle, Godfrey (2004). Integration. In: Boyle, Godfrey ed. Renewable Energy (Second Edition). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 385–437.



Book synopsis:

- A welcome new edition of this well respected text

- Gives comprehensive coverage of the principal renewable energy sources available today

- Accessible to readers across a wide range of academic backgrounds

- Interdisciplinary approach covers the economic, social, environmental and policy issues raised by renewable energy, as well as describing their key physical and engineering features

- New full colour design includes hundreds of illustrations plus numerous tables of data and a wide range of detailed case studies

- Written by an experienced and authoritative course team at the Open University

The prospect of producing clean, sustainable power in substantial quantities from renewable energy sources is now arousing interest world-wide, stimulated by recent technological developments that have improved the cost-effectiveness of many of the 'renewables' and by increasing concern over the environmental impact and sustainability of conventional fossil and nuclear fuel use.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the principal renewable energy sources including:

· Solar thermal
· Photovoltaics
· Bioenergy
· Hydro
· Tidal
· Wind
· Wave
· Geothermal

With the aid of over 350 detailed illustrations, more than 50 tables of data and a wide range of case studies it explains, for each source, the underlying physical and technological principles, and examines its environmental impact and future prospects.

The overall approach is interdisciplinary, covering the economic, social, environmental and policy issues raised by renewable energy as well as the physical and engineering aspects. The book will therefore appeal strongly to non-specialist readers who wish to improve their understanding of this complex, fascinating and increasingly important subject.

New to this Edition:

- Full colour design

- Updated to reflect developments in technology. policy and attitudes

- Complemented by a new book on traditional sources of energy, Energy Systems and Sustainability edited by Godfrey Boyle, Bob Everett and Janet Ramage of the Open University

Readership: Undergraduates and postgraduates taking courses in energy, sustainable development, environmental subjects and architecture. Also suitable for non-specialists.


1. Brief Introduction , Godfrey Boyle

2. Bioenergy , Janet Ramage, Jonathan Scurlock and Stephen Larkin

3. Solar Thermal Energy , Bob Everett

4. Photovoltaic Power , Godfrey Boyle

5. Hydro Power , Janet Ramage

6. Tidal Energy , David Elliott

7. Wave Energy , Les Duckers

8. Wind Power , Derek Taylor

9. Geothermal Energy , Geoff Brown and John Garnish

10. Integration , Godfrey Boyle and Bob Everett

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