Technology - Empowering the Educational Researcher through Remote Observation

Hosein, Anesa; Aczel, James; Clow, Doug and Richardson, John T. E. (2007). Technology - Empowering the Educational Researcher through Remote Observation. In: Computer Assisted Learning (CAL '07), 26-28 Mar 2007, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


Observing students using computers often occurs through three methods: user-lab, on-site and remote data logging. Whilst each of these have their advantages with the new type of students such as elearners, an alternative method called web-conferencing remote observation is presented for observing students at a distance. This method collects both audio and video data of the observer through webcams and voice/video conversations. Students are able to interact with the software through application sharing facilities. Further, it allows both quantitative and qualitative data to be collected. This proof-of-concept method is presented here where it has been used in two previous studies using Windows Messenger and Netviewer. Although, video quality is not high the quality is sufficient for observational data.

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