Security in the City

Watson, Sophie (2008). Security in the City. In: Carter, Simon; Jordan, Timothy and Watson, Sophie eds. Security: Sociology and Social Worlds. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, pp. 111–144.



About the book:
Provides the first introductory sociological analysis of security in the 21st century. Students will find one of the central issues of modern times--security--analyzed in all its different aspects, from global geo-politics to intimate personal relations. The themes of matter, mediation and the individual are drawn across the whole book.Security draws on five authors who each produce a sociological analysis of the subject in their areas of expertise, to provide a complex yet accessible exploration of the role security plays in all our lives. Sophie Watson explores security and the city, drawing on examples such as the role of SUVs and of surveillance. Matt McDonald explores how security is made in international relations, touching on climate change and asylum seekers. Elizabeth Silva takes security into the home, examining how daily routines make ordered lives. Simon Carter and George Davey-Smith look at risks and fears in the area of health and security, taking in examples such as heart disease and the metered dose inhaler used by asthma sufferers. Tim Jordan introduces and overviews the book through the examples of the Harry Potter brand and how it touches on children's emotional development and how the growing of food for personal consumption can lead to security and insecurity.

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