Modelling quasicrystal growth

Grimm, Uwe and Joseph, Dieter (2002). Modelling quasicrystal growth. In: Suck, J.-B.; Schreiber, M. and Häussler, P. eds. Quasicrystals: An Introduction to Structure, Physical Properties, and Applications. Springer Series in Materials Science (55). Berlin: Springer Verlag, pp. 199–218.



Understanding the growth of quasicrystals poses a challenging problem, not the least because the quasiperiodic order present in idealized mathematical models of quasicrystals prohibit simple local growth algorithms. This can only be circumvented by allowing for some degree of disorder, which of course is always present in real quasicrystalline samples. In this review, we give an overview of the present state of theoretical research, addressing the problems, the different approaches and the results obtained so far.

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