Aperiodicity and Disorder - Do They Play a Role?

Grimm, Uwe (2002). Aperiodicity and Disorder - Do They Play a Role? In: Hoffmann, K.-H. and Schreiber, Michael eds. Computational Statistical Physics: From Billiards to Monte-Carlo. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 191–210.

URL: http://www.springer.com/physics/book/978-3-540-421...


The effects of an aperiodic order or a random disorder on phase transitions in statistical mechanics are discussed. A heuristic relevance criterion based on scaling arguments as well as specific results for Ising models with random disorder or certain kinds of aperiodic order are reviewed. In particular, this includes an exact real-space renormalization treatment of the Ising quantum chains with coupling constants modulated according to substitution sequences, related to a two-dimensional classical Ising model with layered disorder.

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