Failure of a Nylon Bridge Bearing

Lewis, P. R and Gagg, C. R. (2006). Failure of a Nylon Bridge Bearing. In: ANTEC 2006 Plastics: 64th Annual Technical Conference Proceedings, May 2006, Charlotte, NC, USA.



Nylon is widely used as a bearing material, and many different grades have been developed for specific applications. Selflubricated nylon is a robust grade which has found use in heavy duty bearings such as those used in swing bridges. The case study describes the failure of a bridge bearing, which was replaced owing to excessive deck movement .The steel pin on which the nylon sleeve bearing operated was found to be severely worn, while the sleeve was intact, but heavily contaminated. Sand had become embedded in the nylon surface and acted abrasively against the steel when the bearing moved. The nylon sleeve was at the limit of its specification, and a superior grade chosen for replacement.

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