Customer value creation in financial services

Bátiz-Lazo, Bernardo (2001). Customer value creation in financial services. In: 17th Annual IMP Conference, September, Oslo, 9-11 Sep 2001, Oslo, Norway.


Customer value creation is allegedly at the centre of relationships between service recipients and service providers (such as financial service organisations in general, and commercial banks in particular). This research considers the role of customer value creation in the strategic response of banks to external changes in their growth opportunities. The analysis established that there had been changes in the framework in which banks' pursued synergy since 1980 (or 1990 in Mexican and 1992 in Estonian interviews). As a response to external change banks have created new synergies in the pursuit of greater growth and interviewees expected that changes in synergy creation should be reflected in banks' diversification and market positioning moves. New synergies required new capabilities and participants from all countries agreed that the current wave of change in synergy creation had carried through greater emphasis on customer profitability. All countries recorded a shift from a supply-oriented strategic stance to the development of skills to retain customers and even becoming a one-stop
financial service institution for their customers. However, greater emphasis on customer profitability was seldom followed by recognition of the key capabilities required for high customer value creation. This as most interviewees failed to provide an articulated account of how to achieve that profitability.

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