Empricism, Idealism, Realism

Smith, Mark J. (2005). Empricism, Idealism, Realism. In: Smith, Mark J. ed. Understanding Social Scientific Practice. Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences, 2. London, UK: Sage Publications, pp. 319–367.

URL: http://www.sagepub.co.uk/booksProdTOC.nav?prodId=B...


About the book: This is a comprehensive and authoritative reference collection in the philosophy and methodology of the social sciences. The source materials selected are drawn from debates within the natural sciences as well as social scientific practice.

This four volume set covers the traditional literature on the philosophy of the social sciences, and the contemporary philosophical and methodological debates developing at the heart of the disciplinary and interdisciplinary groups in the social sciences. It addresses the needs of researchers and academics who are grappling with the relationship between questions of knowledge construction and the problems of social scientific method.

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