OpenLearn and knowledge maps for language learning

Okada, Alexandra (2008). OpenLearn and knowledge maps for language learning. In: Marriott, Rita and Torres, Patricia eds. Handbook of Research on e-Learning Methodologies for Language Acquisition, Volume 1. 2008: IGI group.



This chapter presents new methodologies designed to facilitate language acquisition in open learning communities via open educational resources and knowledge mapping. It specifically focuses on the OpenLearn project developed by the Open University. This offers a virtual learning environment based on Moodle platform with free educational materials and knowledge media tools such as the instant messaging MSG, the video webconference FlashMeeting and the knowledge mapping software tool Compendium. In this work, these technologies and mapping techniques are introduced in order to promote open language learning. Ways in which teachers and students can make use of these OpenLearn tools and resources are discussed and some benefits fully described.

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