Effective e-learning: Perspective of Adult Learners in Hong Kong

Lee, Ruby P.; Dooley, Laurence S. and Chan, F. T. (2006). Effective e-learning: Perspective of Adult Learners in Hong Kong. In: Hong Kong International Information Technology in Education Conference (HKITEC’06), 6-8 Feb 2006, Hong Kong.

URL: http://hub.hku.hk/handle/123456789/44052


This article examines what constitute effective online learning from the perspective of students in web-enhanced programmes offered in Hong Kong. To investigate the success factors of e-Learning, as well as the role of Internet-based technologies in adult learning in Hong Kong, survey of students studying web-enhanced programmes was conducted in 2005. This survey is designed to 1) investigate students’ perception on how e-Learning technologies, student and teacher affect the learning process and 2) the enhancement to learning effectiveness brought by e-Learning. The implications for effective online adult learning in Hong Kong will be discussed. Technology should be used primarily as a tool and a communication device to enable human relationship and enhance interactiveness among learners. Even though student respondents perceived teacher as the imparter of wisdom, and demanded for teacher’s presence and heavy participation in the online environment, the new facilitating role of teachers should be promoted. Students should switch from a dependent role to a self-directed role and actively engage in the knowledge construction process in the online environment. The findings will provide useful reference for educators to enhance learning in adult education.

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