The Children Act 1989 and children’s rights: a critical reassessment

Roche, Jeremy (2002). The Children Act 1989 and children’s rights: a critical reassessment. In: Franklin, Bob ed. The New Handbook of Children's Rights: Comparative Policy and Practice. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 60–80.



The new edition of this well established handbook provides up-to-date information on a topic of increasing importance across a range of disciplines and practices. It covers:
* the debate concerning children's rights and developments in rights provision over the last twenty years
* the impact of recent British legislation on children's rights in key areas such as education, social and welfare services and criminal justice
* the key provisions of the UN Convention and Human Rights Act
* recent policy proposals and initiatives in the British setting intended to establish and promote rights for children and young people
* the rights claims of particular groups of children, for example children who are carers or children who are disabled
* children's claims for particular rights such as the right to space, to sex education and citizenship
* the ways in which the voices of children and young people are or might be articulated more clearly in policy debates and other arenas
* issues and developments in Europe, Scandinavia and China.

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